Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What you don't know

What you don't know from reading Ed's blogs are the changes we see in him. He is a very good writer, and expresses himself very well through the written word. What you don't know is that he spends hours alone in his office, not working just reclusing. He has had total personality changes and is often, hate to say it this way, but just plain weird. He says bizarre things and often engages with our 2 year old grandson like he is another child ( a conversation about farts comes to mind). He is very angry that I am "controlling him". He says he's not "goofy" yet.He jokes that he "forgot" over and over...cute the first couple times...not so much on the 1000 time. He truly does not see some of this, God love him, and it scares me to death. Will the boys at hunting camp see it? Or will he ralley and they will relinquish and let him in the tree stand alone (Pat promised not to). He couldn't open a laptop the other day or count out 20 dollars...will he remember how to use his gun if he choses to shoot a deer? It makes me crazy...but I have to let him go. This is a tough time for us as a family and we miss his steadfastness. That's what you don't know from reading Ed's blogs...and apparently he doesn't know either!

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