Monday, February 13, 2012

What the Dr. said...

The doctor said that Ed is in the 10% of people with ad that get non aura migraine headaches, which he was getting at least three to four times per week. He got some medication for them. Also Ed is up at night which if you look up early stages and symptoms is quite commom...but he was also given medications for that. He cannot be a part of the special study because his arecept was raised to a therapeutic dosage in December, and he has not been on it long enough to qualify for this study. The arecept has improved memory and repetitive questions... but if you know Ed you can see some personality differences. I love his sense of humor about it all as he writes in this blog...and his intelligence...and that is truly "our" Ed. But at times he is obviously not himself...and that's life with ad.

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