Friday, December 30, 2011

Into The Light...

In case you missed it, all the major evening news programs carried a story about a young man named Craig Breedlove last Thursday evening.   They told the story of a young man, just 18 years old, with an incurable heart disease who made the most of his young life.   But, what really makes this story so powerful is his description of his previous near-death experiences where he described being bathed in a white light and later in a white room, so full of peace, a place he did not want to leave.

Mindy believes that Spirit used Craig Breedlove to deliver a message to the world at large about how people should not fear their eventual "passing over".

You can see the set-up piece here:

CBS Morning News Segment on Ben Breedlove

Ben died on Christmas day.   But the message he left the rest of us... too long at over seven minutes to be shown in full on the networks, it can be seen in its entirety below.   So far, over 1,000,000 people have viewed the message of hope and everlasting peace that he left... now you can too...

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