Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Veteran's Christmas Wish

On this Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2011, I would like to share a poem by my friend, Robert A. Hall, a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran.   His words could equally  apply to those who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan as well… and we should not forget that…

A Veteran's Christmas Wish

Each year when Christmas comes around again,
I pause on Christmas Eve to take a dram
Of whisky, and I think of absent friends,
And Christmas in a place called Vietnam.

I think of boys who never had the chance
To see their kids on Christmas Eve at play,
Their lives were spent that freedom might advance
From Valley Forge right up through yesterday.

They fell at Belleau Wood and Normandy,
At Gettysburg, at Iwo, and at Hue,
They gave their lives to keep our people free,
And never saw another Christmas Day.

So take a moment from your festive joys,
To think of soldiers who were young and true,
And say a pray on Christmas Eve for boys
Who gave up all their Christmases for you.

                  Robert A. Hall
                  Former SSG, USMC

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