Sunday, January 8, 2012

wow this is hard

I wish people were better educated about early stage ad. Denial is part of it. Defensive, angry behavior is part of it. I realize that people are trying to be kind to Ed when they tell him he seems the same. But really his AD already shows up in the brain with an MRI. I can over hear him talking and not getting things 100 percent. The doctor says it is not uncommon at this stage for a patient to wipe away their entire savings by lack of judgement. One of my clients father in the early stages thought her mother was having an affair and was insufferable with her, until the brain began to turn off. I think since I have only been married a short time to Ed that it makes this harder. We don't have the history and the years behind us for a strong foundation. It is not in my character to not step up to the plate...but I wonder what would happen to him if I didn't. I have a good support system in my family...but I wonder why all you good friends out there of Ed's haven't called me to see what is really going on. I guess most folks again do not truly understand how this beginning stage shakes out, but it makes me sad. Please educate yourselves so that Ed and I can get all the right kind of suppot we need....Melinda

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  1. Melinda, Your comment about how this disease affects the family is right on the mark... It made me realize that most if not all of my concern at this point has been for Ed. It's easy to overlook the others that will be the support both now and later. I have thought about the fact that Ed does have a a family support system now and what happens to people who do not have that support . .... but when I keep coming back to the people who are on duty every day.... those who are overlooked in most cases.
    My thoughts are with you both.