Saturday, October 22, 2011

It actually scares me to death that he's driving even though his doctor suggested he not. He is not seeing some of the personality or behavior changes...will he recognise when he needs to stop driving?....I will have to get some help on this one. I certainly understand why he doesn't want his freedom taken away.

I remember how upset my Mom was when her little yellow mercedes was grounded...she insisted she could drive even though she rear ended someone at a light. It was a struggle for a long time ..explaining over and over again where her car was.

Tonight Rick, Amanda and Elliot carved and painted pumpkins, They put on loud music and made it grand. Rick carved his beloved Denver Bronco logo on one. Amanda painted a "momma, daddy, and Ellie pumpkin. Ed and I sat and watched until he became over stimulated and returned to his office where he recluses. Before he got up he had such a funny look on his face...he said he was going to try to remember it, but he won't... and more than likely since we have all been together less than 5 years won't even remember us at all. I am facing it, but it's hard.

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